Wellness Oasis

Wellness Oasis

The wellness area of the hotel Ancora is part of an ever-evolving project offering the most innovative solutions for amusement and relax. It is a unique and exclusive place where guests can give themselves up to total well-being.

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Relax Pools

Different water temperatures and water games for complete physical and emotional regeneration. Neck massage waterfall. 

The magic of water... immerse yourself in the relax pools surrounded by the natural stones of the Avisio river.


Wood emanates a relaxing scent of nature, in a sort of primordial invitation to recover mind serenity and release the tensions
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Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna of the hotel Ancora is a place for complete regeneration, with draining and purifying properties. The skin is cleansed, the immune system is strengthened, and the circulation and metabolism are stimulated.


The biosauna offers a soft though very effective heat therapy. The cool water flowing from the natural stone-lined tank gives the body a lash of energy enhancing organic functions.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna works with sustainable temperatures (40° to 60° C). The radiant heat is directly and deeply absorbed into the body, causing a beneficial sweating process in a comfortable setting.

The Turkish bath

The healing and nourishing properties of warm and humid baths were known and appreciated as far back as in ancient times. The fine steam jets with eucalyptus or mountain herbs essence clear the airways and stimulate regeneration.

The benefits of mountain herbs


Bubbles in good company after one day of sports and outdoor activities. Take the pleasure of having a nice chat while water gently caresses the body. Water temperature at 30°C.